Tuesday, November 29, 2011

2-4 the price of 1

Remember those silly outfits or jackets you can wear either from the inside out or the outside in? Well, have you ever tried taking them to the cleaners?
Let see how I did:
I went to a new cleaner to get my vest washed.
Cleaners: First Time here?
Me: Yes
Cleaners: What’s your number?
Me: Gave my number
Cleaners: Your last name and then your first?
Me: Gave her my name
Cleaners: Nice to meet you my name is April, smiles
Me: Nice to meet you, I smile. How much for the vest?
Cleaners: Tells me the price, few seconds later, oh, wait its double price; you can wear the vest inside and out!
Me: I start laughing, & sarcastically said, “You can only do that in the month of April”.
April & I start laughing.
Cleaners: You’re going to pay double right?
Me: I nodded yes sarcastically while walking out backwards (giving the look your crazy I’m not paying double)
She just stood looking at me with a grin saying double right? I left!
She isn’t charging double nothing! When Friday gets here I deal with it.
The End

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