Friday, November 18, 2011

Hush-hush Mice secrets

·         If you dislike mice I have good news, this story has nothing to do with mice, and if you like mouse’s I have good news; this story has everything to do about mice. Okay, okay, on a more serious note I promise whether you like them or not this story is worth the next minute of your time. I just discovered a secret nobody else in this world knows; at least that’s how it felt when I discovered the random phenomenon. 
Let’s see how it goes: It’s a busy work day (no oatmeal spill this time) and half the day was spent struggling with mouse, which is my wireless mouse. It would constantly freeze, glitch, trigger delay, etc. After two hours I decided to go to the IT dept. and replace the batteries. Walla it totally so didn’t work. I now decide to keep working and ignore the issue. After another two hours I was not making any progress instead it made my work process longer. Now I'm worried I might have a virus. At this point I am worked up and decide to not work until I figure out what is going on. The secret: Do not place your phone too close to a wireless mouse and speakers; it can interfere with the wireless transmission. Really I’m not kidding as I’m sure some of you are going attempt and try it. The End

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