Monday, November 14, 2011

Oatmeal makes men sexy

·       For the guys who are tired of getting turned down by the ladies I have your solution. Just like the title stats, Oatmeal is your best friend. Yes I said “Oatmeal”. You would not believe the amount of attention you’d get if you apply it just like I am getting ready to reveal the secret application. I must say just like any other great scientist, I discovered it upon accident.
Let’s see how it goes: I wanted fruit/maple oatmeal this morning so I purchased one. As I eat halfway through I decide to make a quick errand. During the errand I couldn’t help notice a few ladies checking me out. And I mean the check me out look from top to bottom and back. In my mind I'm like, “whoa, it must be the jacket I have on, only to find out later they weren't checking me out after all. Instead I had spilled oatmeal on my pants. I realized it way after the fact and boy did I get a good laugh. The end

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